How to be more productive at work?

There are days when we are high on energy levels that even in short time we do great work, but there are also the times when we tend to feel we’re of no good.  Even after working long hours, we fail to provide quality in our work. All of us, at least once in our lives struggle with this. There are a number of factors which make you less productive or just act as an obstacle between quality of the work and you. But there are many ways to have you grip on the things you can control to increase productivity of your work


  1. Know How to Deal with Interruptions

This is clear that we all deal with interruptions at work like unexpected phone calls, messages from friends on WhatsApp groups and even the talkative colleagues distract us from working on an important task. For that, you can prioritize what is more important to respond. If the messages are not very important then mute the notifications and keep your phone aside. If you feel it is necessary to take the call of your aunty living upstate, then you should otherwise don’t. Make a list in your mind if all the factors who interrupt you while work are important or not. If your colleagues are chatty then use noise-blocking earphones while working on an important project. They will know you’re working on something important.

  1. Avoid Multitasking

Prioritize, Work, Repeat. We think that we’re too good at multitasking but in fact, we are not doing anything with complete attention. We tend to type an email to the boss, attend calls from friends, and looking at important documents at the same time thinking we can do everything together. But doing so, we distract from the actual important stuff that needs our complete attention. Prioritize tasks and do one thing at one time in a sequence.

  1. Take Breaks

Take short breaks while working. Make yourself a cup of tea, leave your desk for 5 minutes and walk. By this, your mind will be relaxed and you’ll regain your energy to be productive,

  1. Set Short Goals

Make your goals short and achievable schedule your tasks of the week and finish them on day to day basis. Once you’ll complete each task, you’ll be more relaxed. This way you won’t panic on Fridays thinking that you have a pile of work to do.

  1. Close Out Emails

We all spend time going to our emails, refreshing the page over and over again or checking notifications on our phone. Which is an obvious distraction. Whenever we work on a task and the phone beeps we switch to checking emails and spend unnecessary time looking at all the emails again.

If we try all the above strategies, we can surely be more efficient and productive at work.